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  • Address: Folk-land village,Shatian town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

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Dongguan or sponge co., LTD is located in shatian folk-land village, adjacent to guangzhou, entrances and exits, shatin, high-speed along the river, traffic is very convenient; The factory covers an area of 23000 square meters, building area of 12000 square meters. Is a collection research and development, production, processing in one of the polyurethane sponge enterprises, factory has domestic advanced sponge foaming equipment, cutting equipment, sponge sponge deep processing equipment, factory workers with many years of sponge production, processing experience. The production of various types of sponge: ordinary sponge, high density sponge sponge, fire sponge, a variety of custom color; Our company can be customized according to customer requirements of production. The sponge series products can be widely used in: shoes, handbags, bags, automobile, furniture, electronic appliances, clothing, toys, all kinds of packaging, sports equipment, medical equipment, etc

  • Address:Folk-land village,Shatian town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
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