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Material of Scrubbing Sponge
From: Dongguan Heshun sponge Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-03-08

Clean sponge only needs water, no detergent, super-strong decontamination, time-saving, labor-saving, convenient, gentle wiping can remove stains.
The biggest difference between high-density cleaning sponge and traditional cleaning method is that the product adopts physical decontamination mechanism, relying on the nano-capillary opening structure in the sponge, automatically absorbs the aged dirt on the surface of the material during the wiping process, like countless super micro-vacuum cleaners, which can easily remove the dirt without cleaning agent and only clean water. Clean sponge has 99.9% natural antimicrobial effect, no chemical detergent, non-toxic, harmless, super-effective, hands-free, is both economic and environmental protection characteristics of products.
Cleaning sponge does not hurt the surface of material, does not hurt the skin, does not remain, is an environmental protection product. Clean sponges can be cut into different sizes at will to facilitate the use of different items or ranges. The use of clean sponge is very simple, as long as it contains enough water, like an eraser, it can remove dirt.

  • Address:Folk-land village,Shatian town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
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