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Sponge industry market dynamic analysis in the next five years
From: Dongguan Heshun sponge Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-08-01

         Polyurethane industry originated in Germany, more than 50 years in Europe and the United States, the rapid development, has become the fastest growing industry in chemical industry. In the 1970 s, the global polyurethane products totaled 1.1 million tons, in 2000 reached 10 million tons, total output of about 13.7 million tons in 2005, 2000-2005 global polyurethane average annual growth rate of about 6.7%. North America, Asia Pacific and Europe markets accounted for 95% of global polyurethane market in 2010. Asia-pacific and eastern Europe and South America market is expected in the next ten years of rapid growth. In 2016 will reach 2016 tons, the compound annual growth rate of 4.7%. By value, by 2016 will reach $55.48 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%. For domestic key raw materials MDI, TDI polyurethane a surplus of production capacity, pu downstream products demand increases, and the multinational companies will be the focus of our business and r&d center shifts to Asia and even the Chinese market, domestic polyurethane industry will usher in the golden period in the future.Polyurethane raw materials especially the technical barriers isocyanate is higher, so the world polyurethane industry's market share is mainly composed of several major chemical giant, industry concentration is very high. MDI global CR5 is 83.5%, 71.9% of TDI, BDO is 48.6% (CR3,), polyether polyol was 57.6%, 58.2% spandex. Polyurethane raw material capacity expansion rapidly. MDI and TDI, MDI production capacity reach 5.84 million tons in 2011, TDI production capacity of 2.38 million tons, accounted for 27% of China's market, demand for 5 million tons in 2011. Predicts 2015, the global MDI market demand is expected to grow by about 40%, to 6.4 million tons, in the same period, China's share of global market share will increase to 31%.
Today, there are more than 30 TDI enterprises around the world, more than 40 sets of TDI production device, the total capacity of up to 2.38 million tons. In the next few years, the global TDI market demand will grow by 4% to 5%, by 2015 the global TDI market demand of 2.3 million tons. Demand TDI market in China by 2015 to 828000 tons, accounting for 36% of the global total. Polyether polyols, the current global polyether polyol production capacity of more than 9 million tons, while consumption in 500-6 million tons, excess production capacity significantly. International polyether capacity mainly concentrated in the bayer, basf, dow and so on several big companies, CR5 is as high as 57.6%. Global polyurethane production 2005-2005 average annual growth rate is 7.6%, to 15.92 million tons, with the increase of the expansion of production capacity and demand. In the areas of national economic construction and people's life, namely the polyurethane sponge products a year worldwide production of nearly 7 million tons of polyurethane materials because of its superior physical properties are widely used in the silencing sponge, sound-absorbing, sound insulation sponge sponge production. And polyurethane sponge deadened the noise of high ability to be applied to: vehicle building, automobile, heavy machinery industry, railway vehicles, aerospace applications, deadened the noise of the factory building and building sound insulation engineering, product packing and gasket, deadened the noise of generator sets, air conditioning, acoustics lab, music studio, speakers, audition room, surveying and mapping room, KTV rooms, star hotels and other industries and places. The vehicle seat multi-purpose polyurethane foam system, polyurethane insulation foam technology is widely applied in the production of automobile interior trim and China automotive industry both production and marketing, will further drive the polyurethane insulation sponge demand growth, automotive polyurethane insulation will also be a polyurethane sponge sponge demand growth.

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