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Sponge density of how to measure
From: Dongguan Heshun sponge Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-08-01

Test instrument: a sponge, a glass of water, measuring cylinder, balance, sand
Test purpose: to determine the density of sponge
The formula: rho = m/V
Test steps:
1. Place and sponges and sand together, then use scales to measure the sponge and the total mass of the sand, M.
2. Remove the sponge, then use scales measure the quality of the sand, sand for m
3. Calculate the quality of the sponge, cotton is m = m - m
4. Will this glass of water into the cylinder, and then measured the volume of water where V0.
5. The sponge into the measuring cylinder, wait until the water in the cylinder of liquid level change, no longer measure the volume of water in the measuring cylinder, remember to V1.
6. Calculate the volume of the sponge, cotton is V = where V0 - V1
7. Using the formula to calculate the density of sponge:
Cotton cotton rho = m/V = (m - m)/(where V0 - V1)

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