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Sponge dry six steps
From: Dongguan Heshun sponge Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-08-01

The use of sponge is indispensable in our daily life, but the nature of the sponge has an important, that is, water imbibition sponge met water becomes wet and dry out when using certain, so how to dry sponge? The following detailed introduce for you.
1, clean the board face and the sponge, and confirmed its drying methods is flat.
2, with a soft brush on the floor and packing sponge evenly daub glue, must be uniform, not too thick, thin layer.
3, good will apply glue plate and let stand for sponge, ventilation drying after 3 ~ 5 minutes surface with handle gently touch hands.
4, repeat steps 2 to 3. (i.e., glue twice, which is beneficial to increase the adhesive force and give full play to the role of the base plate and sponge.
5, starting from the bottom side paste sponge, had better use a clean white paper or ruler auxiliary horizontal paste, in order to avoid air bubbles and empty drum, with two thumbs on both sides from the middle to the yank at the same time, the white paper and ruler even slowly forward.
6, in the packaging according to the above steps to paste the rubber on the sponge
Sponge, it is a kind of porous material, has good water imbibition, and can be used in cleaning items. People often use the sponge is made from wood cellulose fibre or foamed plastic. When the sponge in water will become wet after all we have to do is put inside the water out, and in the open air to dry.

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