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Several common types of special sponge
From: Dongguan Heshun sponge Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-08-01

Several common types of special sponge

Special sponge refers to the production and processing in compressed into different shapes according to the use of sponge, to distinguish from the traditional square shaped sponge. Its waterproof moisture-proof, heat preservation, recycling and many other advantages, can save the cost of large enterprises the homework now, also can better deal with the issue of industrial pollution on, so alien sponge has what type?

  1, rubber sponge. A kind of sponge, it USES the main ingredient is latex foam material, it has the characteristics of rubber, good elasticity, good resilience, not deformation, but the price does not poor, 3-4 times higher than the foam sponge.
2 and finalize the sponge. This material cotton by polyurethane material, the foaming agent and other additives are mixed, press agent into the simple mould heating pressure out of the different shape of the sponge, it is suitable for swivel chair sofa cushion, back cotton, also finalize the continous armrest also made a small amount. At present, adopt to 55 #, 60 # material density, its elasticity is in line with national standards. Elastic sponge hardness can be adjusted according to different at different positions of the product. Generally a continous relatively high hardness, density is bigger, continous times, 抌 cotton softer.
3, slow rebound sponge, also known as the high carrying the sponge. This material has very good buffer and absorb the impact force and good protection, good shock absorption and temperature resistance, density, hardness and rebound time can be adjusted according to the need of performance. Has the good protection, good shock absorption and temperature resistance, density, hardness and rebound time can be adjusted according to need. Widely used in household and electronic equipment packaging, etc. Grey color (yellow, etc.), density (35-80) foam can be added in the process of flame retardant, antistatic agent, such as improving the sponge performance.
4, foam sponge. This material with polyether foam molding, like foam bread. Available foam machinery also can use artificial board surrounded foam, the foam of the cotton like a piece of square big bread, using slicing machine after slicing process, according to the requirements of different cutting thickness and foam sponge can also adjust the hardness.
Special sponge can stroll outside noise, reduce the volume of the noise, to people's life and enterprise development has the very big effect. But because it has very good antistatic properties, generally people will be used for processing small mechanical equipment, improve the power of enterprise operation.

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